Friday, March 28, 2014

Gary Mossman Speaks on Clinical Testing

John Frazier introduced his guest and second speaker of the evening Gary Mossman of Riverside Tappahannock Hospital speaking on "Clinical Testing - What it is and the challenges in doing it". 

Gary’s job is to look at the various letters a doctor will scribble and determine what kind of tests that needs to be run. Up to this point your bulletin editor could understand everything while scientist John Frazier was just beginning to salivate for what was to come.

Gary explained that BMP was a metabolic panel to check your electrolyte balance while a CMP was designed to go well beyond the BMP panel. Everyone got that? Gary said that we are lucky to have the Riverside Hospital System in Tappahannock because they use state of the art equipment. We are able to do lipid panels, to check cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL, VLDC and the like at the hospital. Not only that they can do Hepatic Panels to check liver functions and to see how your red blood cells are breaking down. The liver of course is the organ that cleans and filters one’s blood. They can do Renal Panels to check for glucose, potassium, etc. The kidneys filter out the bodies waste products. They can even check one’s

cardiac enzymes to determine if a heart attack has happened. It was amazing to hear what our local lab could accomplish. If you want more information than is included here please talked to Dr. John Frazier or Rev. Carla who speak this language.

Club President Norman Wood presents Gary Mossman with our famous multi-use Rotary glass.

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