Friday, June 27, 2014

John Gregory

Norm introduces in coming President John Gregory. John then has a few words for the club.

Pat Johnston

Pat Johnston is thanks by the club for her talk this evening on abused and battered spouses and received the club glass from outgoing President Norm.


Norm is thanked by the club for his service as club President and gets pinned by his wife.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rotary Crab Racing at RivahFest 2014

Serious business at the Rotary Crab Race as five contestants line up with their water squirt bottle to encourage their competitive crustacean down the slippery slope to win.... eventually if they lose too many races they might get steamed and end up as hors d'oeuvres.... with Bill Croxton, Pete Trible, Joe Wolfinger, Sheperd Lewis, John Frazier (team leader!), Louise Velletri, David Broad, Bob Jump, Gary Youngling, Wayne Wessels, Jeff Willett, and Joanne Ruffa

Friday, June 13, 2014

International Project Ikirwa School Tanzania

Outstanding presentation by Ikirwa School founder and SMS Alumna Masha Skuratovskaya. Masha's family were host to David and Margaret Broad during the Russian coup in August 1991 and since then their lives have been intertwined. During her tenure at the World Bank and travelling to Tanzania and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Masha decided to personally reinvest herself in a community of children that needed help with their education in rural East Africa. The Ikirwa School is now in its second phase and Masha is fund raising for several new classrooms and several other school support projects. Tappahannock Rotary has applied to receive grants to double its own grant for this designated international project for the current year.  From left to right: John Frazier - International Projects Committee, Joe Johnston - Community Service Chair and acting Club President for the evening, Masha Skuratovskaya of Juneau, Alaska and Chair of the Ikirwa School Trust and investment manager at the World Bank and at the Alaska (Oil) Permanent Fund, Margaret Broad - retired head of St. Margaret's School and sponsor of Masha's scholarship to attend SMS from Moscow Russia, and David Broad - sponsor of the Ikirwa School Project and Chair of Rotary Public Image.  

Friday, June 6, 2014

Fun evening at Wine on the Water!

Splendid evening at St. Margaret's celebrating the start of summer with the first Wine on the Water event organized by the Tappahannock Regional Free Clinic and Rotarian Michael Faulkner. From left to right Ron Geiger, Bob Jump and JoJo Ruffa represent the spirit of Tappahannock Rotary and enjoy the friendship and perfectly cool evening weather by the Rappahannock River.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Glenn Strum on Virginia Well Water Quality

The Reverend Rod Gordon introduced our speaker Glenn Strum of the Virginia Cooperative extension of Virginia Tech.  Glenn mentioned the Essex County Resource Council which meets the needs of the county for environmental health, specifically water quality. Twenty-two percent of our citizens rely on wells for their water. No one regulates the quality of well water and 80% of citizens never test their water. While a private test costs between $2-3,000, a test can be obtained from Va. Tech for only $49. On average, 11% of well water will contain E Coli while 20% will have lead present.  If water quality and future taxes interest you, please attend the Well Water Clinic meeting on 21 July at 7 PM. From left to right, Rodney Gordon, Glenn Strum and Rotary Club President C. Norman Wood.