Thursday, June 5, 2014

Glenn Strum on Virginia Well Water Quality

The Reverend Rod Gordon introduced our speaker Glenn Strum of the Virginia Cooperative extension of Virginia Tech.  Glenn mentioned the Essex County Resource Council which meets the needs of the county for environmental health, specifically water quality. Twenty-two percent of our citizens rely on wells for their water. No one regulates the quality of well water and 80% of citizens never test their water. While a private test costs between $2-3,000, a test can be obtained from Va. Tech for only $49. On average, 11% of well water will contain E Coli while 20% will have lead present.  If water quality and future taxes interest you, please attend the Well Water Clinic meeting on 21 July at 7 PM. From left to right, Rodney Gordon, Glenn Strum and Rotary Club President C. Norman Wood.

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