Friday, May 23, 2014

Rotary Program with speaker Harry Gladding

Harry T spoke Thursday night about "Everything you've always wanted to know about auto insurance, but were afraid to ask." As always, Harry was quite informative. He also took questions. But oddly, the words Progressive and Geico were never mentioned during the whole evening.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Caponka Ghost now Buoyed

A two year Rotary project comes to a excellent conclusion with the joint participation of Tappahannock and Warsaw Rotary Clubs, laying buoyage around the treacherous wreck of the 272 foot wooden steamer Caponka sunk in the Rappahannock River. Read the full story how Tappahannock Rotarians Pete Trible, Bill Croxton and David Broad took on this potentially life saving project, navigated the government obstacles and conquering this complicated community challenge! Read more about this project Rotary is also accepting donations to keep this project fully funded - click here to make a donation 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The original Oldies But Goodies PHF Fellows!

Celebrating last night's 100% Paul Harris Fellowship reminded that some Fellows have been around quite awhile. From the right: Bill Croxton was awarded in 1998, Tommy Neuman awarded in 1985, and Joe Spruill was awarded in 1985! Juanita Cawley is District 7610 Governor, C Norman Wood - Tappahannock Club President and Chuck Davidson is past District Governor 2008-2009.

The Final Group of Tappahannock PHF awarded Monday May 5th

The final wave of Paul Harris Fellowship awards were ceremonially pinned and sashed last night at the PHF 100% banquet at Roma's Ristorante - all names are embedded in the photo tags on FaceBook — with Rod Gordon, Charles Davidson, Leigh Angel, Rod Gordon, Charles Davidson, Leigh Angel, Carla Stearns, Harry T Gladding, Bob Holt, Juanita Cawley, Bruce Thomas, Michael Rawlings, Tommy Neuman, Luther Derby, Reese Peck, Bill Croxton, Wright Andrews, Doc Franks, C Norman Wood, Walter S Rowland, Vince Donoghue, Rob Akers, Ned Stephenson and Pete Trible. FaceBook users are linked. [db]

Monday, May 5, 2014

Tappahannock Rotary Reaches 100% Paul Harris Fellowship Participation

Rarely do clubs the size of Tappahannock Rotary reach the stratospheric goal of having all members become Paul Harris Fellows. With over 60 members of the Tappahannock Rotary community having individually contributed $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation, very few clubs can lay claim to this degree of support. On Thursday May 5th at Roma's Ristorante, the club celebrated this unique achievement with a special banquet and speeches by Rotary District 7610 representatives who came to award the coveted 100% participation banner. From left to right: Chuck Davidson - Past District Governor, Juanita Cawley - current District Governor, C. Norman Wood - Tappahannock Rotary President, Tommy Neuman - Chairman of the Rotary Foundation, Bill Croxton - Assistant District Governor and John Gregory - President-Elect of the Tappahannock Rotary Club.

Michael Faulkner Recognized for Outstanding Rotary Service

In an evening of special recognitions for the Tappahannock Club 100% Paul Harris Fellowship participation, there was time to recognize the outstanding efforts of Michael Faulkner who conceived, created and organized the exceptional evening "Keys to The Heart" which brought together multiple local charitable organizations and endowed them with proceeds from the musical event, but also provided an evening of unsurpassed piano entertainment to the Tappahannock community. Receiving his commemorative plaque Michael Faulkner  is flanked by C. Norman Wood - President of Tappahannock Rotary Club (right) and Tommy Neuman (left) - Rotary Foundation Chair.

Joanne Ruffa receive Jacob's Ladder gift from District

Clearly overwhelmed by the surprise and size of the gift Joanne Ruffa receives a scholarship gift from District 7610 this evening. Originally created by Burt Lamkin, Rotary 7610 District Governor in 2006-07, Burt set asides funds to support Youths at Risk programs. Finally deciding that Tappahannock's support for the Jacob's Ladder program more than met all of his expectations, the District released a check for $5,215 to Joanne Ruffa to use as scholarship to support two Jacob's Ladder Climbers in this year's upcoming summer program at St. Margaret's School, Tappahannock. From left: Juanita Cawley - District Governor presenting the check, Joanne Ruffa Counsellor at Jacobs Ladder, and C. Norman Wood - President of the Tappahannock Rotary Club.