Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bess Haile - Director of the Essex County Public Library

Bess Haile, Director of the Essex County Public Library presented her program to the Rotary Club. She described her experiences as librarian, her own early age struggles with reading, and the process of turning young people into literate members of society.

Libraries are at the forefront if helping people to read, use multimedia and many new forms of media. Library computers are used for job applications, tax forms, pay taxes, health care, and many other segments of the community who needs the services in the digital age.

 The Rotary computer in the library has be used 1452 times in the last six months. The library also has an App! The Evening with an Author program partners with the Rotary Club! Literacy is cool!

Bess Haile receives her honorary Tappahannock Rotary mug in commemoration of her visit to the club... on the right Michael Faulkner, program chair for the evening, and left John Gregory, President-Elect standing in for Norman Wood this evening.

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