Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tornado Relief raises $30,0000 and counting....

Tappahannock Rotary raises an incredible $30,000 in one week for the Tappahannock Tornado Relief Fund – Rodney Gordon receives the check on behalf of Essex County Dept of Social Services and ensures speedy and qualified distribution to Essex County victims. From left to right: Joe Wolfinger, John Frazier, John Gregory, Bob Jump – the voice for on WRAR, Carl Strock, Chuck Gilchrist, Ron Geiger – Rotary Treasurer , Rodney Gordon – Director of Essex County Dept of Social Services, Stanley Clarke – Sheriff and leading responder, Fred Woodard – Essex County EOC volunteer and coordinator, David Broad – website and social media, Joanna Ruffa, Patricia Gallagher, Wright Andrews – President of the Tappahannock Rotary Club and fund raising leader, Emerson Hughes, Mac Garrett, and Jim Wawner.


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