Monday, January 19, 2015

Tony Lea, Jamestown 4-H Education Center Director, Speaker at January 15th TRC

Tony Lea, 4-H Center Director, Jamestown 4-H Education Center and Camp was guest speaker at the January 15th TRC meeting. Tony reminded us of the meaning of the 4-Hs: Head, Heart, Hands, and Health, and the 4-H mission of "Developing Comm...unity-Centered People". His presentation focused primarily on the Jamestown 4-H summer camp which supports 19 counties and 3 cities within the Central and Eastern Virginia region and hosts 1,900 campers each summer including 40 - 60 from Essex County. The cot of sponsoring one child from Essex County for a week at camp is approximately $235. Tony is also looking for 4-H camp alumni of all ages to serve as board members - or just to be engagement advocates for this life-changing camp and its programs. Many of us have been surprised to find family members who attended the Jamestown 4-H camp at least back to the 1940s and are now hearing their stories and fond memories from childhood. Tony was the guest of Rotarian Ned VonWalters. 4-H is part of the Virginia Cooperative Extension, and our local liaison is Stephanie Stiles in Tappahannock. Tony asks that folks contact him through FB at, or the 4-H website:

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