Friday, February 6, 2015

Elsbeth Wyatt - Guest Speaker - TRC February 5, 2015 Meeting - AL-ANON

Elsbeth Wyatt, Treasurer of the local AL-ANON chapter, was the guest speaker at the TRC's February 5th meeting. Her sponsor was Rotarian Jim Wawner. AL-ANON was established in 1951 by the wife of the founder of the much better known Alcoh...olics Anonymous (AA). Its purpose is to support the family and friends of those that have alcohol or other addictions. Elsbeth gave a moving presentation and explained how those living with or in the environment of addicts often have nowhere to turn for support with some of the most difficult circumstances in their lives. She said "AL-ANON is about those persons coming and trying to take care of themselves. it's a respite." AL-ANON is based on anonymity and is open to all ages. Ellbeth said she was pleased to speak at Rotary because of the shared commitment to helping others, and to help raise awareness of AL-ANON. Futher information and support can be found at:, by phoning (888) 4AL-ANON, or locally by e-mailing In the Northern Neck region there are AL-ANON meetings in both Tappahannock and Kilmarnock. See More

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