Thursday, January 23, 2014

Reese Peck County Administrator State of the Union Presentation

Reese Peck has now been administrator for one year and has become a permanent resident of Essex County. Reese throughout his careers has been an agent of change and was brought in by the supervisors to bring the county forward into the 21st century. Property tax base, education demographics, declining sales tax base, loss of businesses, are gravely impacting Essex County. Future problems such as storm water management, ground water protection, conserving the aquifer are very evident. On the positive side the supervisors are fully committed to progress, supporting the county modernization and encouraged by community support, including the EDA initiatives.

Budget and taxes are the key issues for 2014, total compensation for teachers, health care insurance, and retirement benefits are major issues.

Budget issues are heightened by a 35% of the  property taxes collected allocated to tax debt service, and 10% to supporting land use tax relief.

Tax policies are key to the deciding tax impact in this community... these options are to be subject of public debate. Growing our way out of the situation is one positive option, noting that in many counties at least 80% of economic development is generally driven from within the community.

Pictured above Bill Croxton, chairman of the Essex County Economic Development Authority, Reese Peck - county administrator, and Norman Wood - Tappahannock Rotary Club President.

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