Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bill Croxton Team Leader on GSE to Australia

GSE Team Members

The situation has (finally) resolved itself, and a new GSE Team Leader has been appointed.  He is Rotarian Bill Croxton of the Rotary Club of Tappahannock, VA.  Bill is a former Assistant Governor of our Rotary District, and an experienced world traveler.  He speaks/understands Australian!

Bill accepted the appointment with appreciation and excitement, stepping up in a situation where he will not have the normal time to become acquainted with you.  As you may gather, he ranked high in the set of interviews that were conducted several months ago for this job.  In other words, he wanted the job from the start!

Bill will hit the ground running, but he will certainly be appreciative of anything you can do to cement the bond between leader and team member.

Michelle, thank you for all that you have already done to assist our team in getting ready for a great trip.  You are a professional in every sense of the word.  I owe you big time!

Chuck Davidson
District Rotary Foundation Chair

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